Due-Diligence-in-a-Box: Taking the pain out of Due Diligence

In-depth Due Diligence wherever and whenever
Our Approach
Seven StagesRead more...We structure due diligence in seven clearly defined stages. Each stage gets you closer to a successful completion.
Asking the Right QuestionsRead more...Starting with a pre-set list of questions and issues, we are getting answers from day one. No time is wasted.
Project ManagementRead more...An easy-to-use project management tool that is tailored to due diligence is your tool to keep things on track.
In-depth Due Diligence wherever and whenever
Your Success
Less Work and
50% Cost Reduction
Read more...You can reduce your workload and drastically cut the use of lawyers and consultants. A 50% cost reduction is within reach.
You are in ChargeRead more...You control every step of the process and will be intimately familiar with the details. Knowledge leads to better decisions.
Everything DocumentedRead more...Your end product is a sound decision and full documentation for Board meetings, SOX404 files or quality management.

A Single Tool for Everything:

Due-Diligence-in-a-Box™ is a web-based tool that combines an online data-room; extensive
checklists and knowledge base; project management software; and records all steps in your M&A process. It speeds up due diligence, improves the quality of your decisions and is seamlessly connected with post-merger integration. Due-Diligence-in-a-Box is intuitive, easy to implement and makes due diligence much easier.