In-sourcing Due Diligence Leads to Better Decisions at Lower Cost


Reducing cost by up to 50%
Up to 50%

Lower Cost



Keeping knowledge in-house leads to better decisions

Informed Decisions

Lower Consulting Bills and Better Decisions

Companies frequently call on expensive external experts for all stages of the Acquisition and Due Diligence process. Partly, there are good reasons for this: for instance, you definitely want legal councel to help you with the contracts.

But external experts are often called upon for two other reasons.

Organizations are often unfamiliar with acquisitions and due diligence. We packaged the required expertise for the due diligence stages in our tool-kit. You can now take charge at significantly reduced expense.

Companies also use external consultants because they think they lack capacity. This is a misconception: Consultants usually leave the leg-work for you under their guidance. You end up doing the work and paying the bills. Using our due diligence tool-kit the job becomes more manageable and you avoid the consulting bills.

External experts create another problem: when they are done, they take their knowledge with them. You may lose valuable time re-learning everything.

With our due diligence tool-kit you keep the knowledge in your organization or company. This leads to better decisions, less risk and enhanced post-acquisition integration.

Getting the most out of acquistions is the real value of our tool-kit.